Sharing Session

What is session

A session is the current state of the dashboard, including:
  • Opened charts with their size, position, and name
  • Charts options
  • Annotations
  • Clipboard
  • Custom colors for params
  • Addresses to data sources

What can be shared

A session does not include the content of data sources, only URLs. That is why not everything is shareable.
  • Static data sources (JSON file) uploaded on GitHub Gist or another server - can be shared as long as the file is accessible for the user
  • Live data sources - works in most local networks. If you run connector on a publicly available server, then the session is also sharable
  • Manually uploaded static data sources - not sharable
Any of the above is sharable using the new experimental feature Peer to Peer Sharing, but the mechanism is different.

Methods of saving and sharing

A Session is a JSON file, and Arena proposes three ways of sharing it.
  • Auto save - each named session is saved automatically in your browser. You can open it in the Sessions menu.
  • Download as file and save for later, upload it manually, or send to your friend
  • Upload to GitHub Gist - Arena uploads session for you and returns a simple URL
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